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Why do I create anything

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Why do I create anything

I sat and contemplated why I create anything. At all.
I do not spend much time wondering "the why" of the wonders of the world, the creation process, the reason for existence. They don't seem to rattle my brain. When i wander those lineages of thinking, I feel a calmness, and any concern would be created out of something outside of me.
So why the sudden curiosity to contemplate my own why?! I could not say a particular thing but a few.
Alongside some spiritual study and reading and a balance of trashy reality tv, the influence is quiet and yet they ring loudly in alternative ways.

So I sit by candle light, draw in my breath and proceed with a meditation to confess to myself.
Why. Do I create.
I pause and relish in the nothing-ness. The void of freedom, the darkness backdrop where every light that shines is seen, so clearly.

To Create Causes.
To be conscious of effects and add a positive swing to things. Even my offering leans haunted, healing or somewhere in-between. The translation is subjective and free will maintained, my intention remains, intact and that means something. If only to me.

To merge with effects from others that align and resonate with my created causes. To expand my understanding of the ego self and essence self while wandering this Earthly plane and planet like a story book character trying to find her way home and yet quite curious about this landscape in front of her. What's the rush? Stay a while and add to the artistry of existence!