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Bold Book and Journal

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Bold Book and Journal

When considering how to emerge in the complicated land of artistry and the avenues, I willingly decided to apply a drunken stuper like attitude and see what spaghettis sticks to the wall. Noticing how I like seeing art and images, words and wonders without adding my limitations or creating some for you. Others. Aspects of me. Feel Free.
Does one prefer to interact with images in a journal that is like a multi dimensional manual, does another enjoy gazing on a canvas prints and wall pieces akin to clouds in the sky or maybe even still the virtual scene is perfect amount of snapshots.
I admit, I have no real knowing as the variables and variances are vast. The more I try to control, the less I create.
So to add to the fine art america options and merch, a personal application to see and capture the symbology of your soul speaking, I introduce a book. Journal. Manual. For you.

A first attempt to self publish and figure out the landscape as best I can, while still lavishing in the learning and letting go of perfection and knowing the peculiar paint and poetry is the point and still not

May my offering serve you well.
Search on Amazon "Liminal Reflections" to support or look away with a scrunched up face.

Either way, Free will is maintained